STR - A New Tale of Misguided Adventures

The First Dance With Mary Jane

Brother Bindle Rolls One Up to Kill the Pain

Starting in the city of Restov, in the land of Brevoy, our motley crew assembled at the Aldori Academy. Speaking with the clerk Ian, they found that they were terribly late to sign up to help tame the Stolen Lands. That said, one of the parties that had been sent out, has not made contact in the last month, so the crew was conscripted to search for them, and directed to Oleg’s Trading Post to start the journey. The crew was offered 200 Gold to find the missing team and update the Sword Lords on their status.

After purchasing a Large Heavy Wagon and a pair of Oxen, the group traveled south. On the three day journey it was quickly discovered that Brother Bindle was a purveyor of rolled medical parchments, that were found to be quite good at relaxing the user. During one particularly long healing session the group decided that they needed a name, and thus the Stoned Temple Raiders were born.

After something like 3 days (might have been one, may have been a week, Bindle wasn’t counting), they arrived at Oleg’s. There they discovered that Oleg had an impending problem with some local bandits. When the bandits, lead by an unfortunate fellow named Jack arrived, the crew completely devastated them. After seeing the general effect of an Earthbreaker on the midsection of a horse, the last remaining of their lot decided to surrender. This hapless fellow was Todd, down on his luck, and on his first assignment, and watched 6 of his fellows be fed through the meat grinder in an instant.

With minimal prodding, Todd lead the crew to the bandit camp he was previously staying at. Once there, the parties scouts were spotted once they got in close, and Herleif thought it would be a good plan to engage in Nipple-Fu, knocking two of the bandit scouts out cold. This quickly prompted Kressle and Happs (the leaders of the local bandit camp), to boot, scoot, and boogie on outta there with all the loot possible. Kressle was not pleased to find adventurers at her camp, when her flunkies should have been returning with payments.

After looting the camp, the crew interrogated Steve and Bill about where they went, and found out they went to the Stag Lord’s Fort, but didn’t get any further information. The two bandits have agreed to come back with the party to Oleg’s quietly, and potentially see about reforming their ways.

Additionally on the first night of the return trip, the party encountered an Owlbear, which now exists as a pelt, claws, teeth, and dinner.


Like Sand Through An Hourglass, So Are The Days Of Our Lives!

The First Dance With Mary Jane

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