STR - A New Tale of Misguided Adventures

So continuing the drama surrounding Steve 1 and Steve 2 (Bill), Steve 2 decided that being unrepentant of his ways would be the best course of action. The pansy do-gooders are just bluffing about hanging him. Why spend all that time talking him into being a good person just to hang him? After seeing his friends legs stop moving, Steve 1 decided that being a good person from now on was an excellent career opportunity. The Stoned Temple Raiders have now successfully reformed two bandits.

After seeing the proceedings a newcomer to Oleg’s Trading Post came out to greet them, and introduced himself as Kesten Garess. He was recognized by “Dolosse” (Dohl-Awe-Sah), as being of one of the noble houses of Brevoy. He introduced himself as being a mercenary looking for work, and an opportunity to improve the standing of himself and his men. The party took this as a chance to recruit a guard unit for the trading post, allowing them to feel it was safe and secure when they aren’t there. Kesten agreed to this, without pay no less, in exchange for room, board, and an opportunity to have a foothold in any new settlement the party may found. Additionally Kesten volunteered to supervise / recruit Steve and Todd, the newly reformed bandits. At this point Steve found himself in the justly ironic position of guarding the same man he formerly stole from as his first act of repentance.

After settling business at the trading post, the party decided to head out, and scout the area. It would probably be safest to investigate the area around the post, and as many areas to the south as possible while they look for the missing party. Always better to be familiar with the surroundings, and ensure there aren’t any more bandit camps, or other dangers nearby. While traveling south, they came across a large patch of radishes, and collected a few baskets full. Investigation revealed the tracks of many kobolds in the area, who were the most likely to have filled the baskets they found. Eric’s Gnome had a sense of hatred trigger, that indicated that the kobolds may be living to the southeast, and he requested the party go handle the quest Kobolds in the Hills provided by Oleg immediately (with deadly force preferred).

Heading southwest, they first found a hidden Gold Mine, and quickly worked to hide it so it could not be found by others. During camp that night, they ran into a pair of playful Fairy Dragons, and had an excellent conversation and small meal with them. Merriment was had all around, and the dragons had such a good time they were even happy to tell the party where to find the Temple of the Elk. The next day had a much less present meeting with the party finding The Old Sycamore Tree, and the mite lair that was hidden underneath it. Immediately after entering the lair, the group found the unfortunate Mikmek being tortured by a group of mites, and promptly rescued him. The greatful kolbold requested that the group retrieve the (link), from the mite leader (link). The party agreed, and quickly destroyed the remaining Mites, Grabbles and his nasty mount Tickleback, and all of their pet Whiptail Centipedes.

After leaving the lair, Mikmek took them to the Sootscale Kobold Lair, where the party presented the statue of Sharptooth to Chief Sootscale. Chief Sootscale then requested the party handle Tartuk, who he explained was the entire source of trouble with his tribe, and the instigator of war with the mites. The party “Dolosse” (Dohl-Awe-Sah), was more than happy to do this. Having killed Tartuk, Dolosse took his head as proof that the issue had been resolved. The party then negotiated a peace and trade agreement with the kolbolds, and even advised them on mining the silver found in their cavern. The party believes this will be of great benefit to themselves, the area, and especially Oleg Leveton.

After a good nights rest with the kolbolds, the party set back out following the directions from the fairy dragon’s to find the Temple of the Elk. After a few more days travel and exploration, we leave our heroes at the edge of a large moss covered ruin.


Bravely bold Sir Robin
Rode forth from Camelot
He was not afraid to die
Oh, brave Sir Robin
He was not at all afraid
To be killed in nasty ways
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin

He was not in the least bit scared
To be mashed into a pulp
Or to have his eyes gouged out
And his elbows broken
To have his kneecaps split
And his body burned away
And his limbs all hacked and mangled
Brave Sir Robin

A 2nd Hit

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