Campaign Player Guide

Welcome to thee new campaign. It will be taking place in the world of Golarion.

Ruleset: Pathfinder

Allowed Materials: Any official Paizo Pathfinder

Alignments: Any non-evil

Classes: Any

Races: Any non monstrous humanoids

Traits: Pick any 2 (you are not required to take a campaign specific trait, you may only take “campaign” traits listed in the Wiki)

Stats: 5D6, drop the lowest, up to 2 re-rolls. Roll two sets, take the preferred set.

Character Backgrounds: Only limitations are class based, and you cannot be a demigod. Ninja and Samurai classes must come from Tian Xia, and Gunslingers must come from Alkenstar. If you wish to be a gunslinger, please let me know.

Wiki Info: The Wiki shows things that your character knows. This could be people, places, quests, ect. Don’t feel you know enough about something? A knowledge check may be in order.

Campaign Player Guide

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