Herleif Raskstål

Nip-Fu-Luk Monk


The man standing before you stands close to six and a half feet tall and must weigh closer to three hundred pounds than two. Clad in ermine and fox furs, his steel gray eye peer at you from under his auburn locks. His pale skin and elaborate braided straw brown beard validates his Ulfen heritage.


In broken Taldane (with some Skald) he speaks:

I am Herleif Raskstål from Helsingbyen in Almhult located on Cape Almhult on the Crown of the World and second cousin to Runewulf the Unbeliever and hail from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. I’m trained in the melekatha fighting style and devotee of Melek Taus and sworn hunter of Sisters of the Golden Erinyes (Devil Nuns). I have spent the last two seasons, Absalom Reckoning within the regions of Varisia and have come to these lands to make my family proud.

Herleif Raskstål

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