Glas gro Urzan

A tall, well built half-orc that, at first glance, one might mistake for human. Wearing traditional barbarian garb and wielding a massive hammer, he follows along with the others, occasionally lost in thought.


Glas stands at around 6’ 4" and looks like he easily weighs in at just under 300 lbs. His body is built like a tank with thick muscles that coil and tense as he swings his Earth Breaker around like a child’s toy.

His skin is bronzed from his life outdoors hunting and raiding with his village, but it bears just a hint of green alluding to his Orc heritage. Otherwise, Glas looks almost human. Save for his small tusks, slightly pointed ears, and the aforementioned skin, he regularly passes as just a human young man when in other settlements.

His garb, however, is a bit more conspicuous as it’s the traditional furs associated with his tribe coupled with a chain shirt and leathers necessary to protect him as he charges at the enemy.


After living the life of a half-orc in an orc village, child to an orc mother and human father, he fought for the right to be considered a warrior among his people. Despite that, due to his appearance he was still always considered an ugly freak, a criticism he carries with him to this day.

However, his human like appearance was often a boon, such as when dealing with traders and caravans. It was during one such caravan that he met a woman that would change his life and put him on the path of Yuelral. And when a crisis struck the village and orcs were needed to seek out an ancient relic to save the future of the village, he was among those tasked with this quest. He ventured forth with Dolosse, striking out into the human lands.

He is not the wisest of his companions, the strongest, nor the hardiest. His agility is only somewhat above average and his charisma only extends so far as the length of his hammer. And he is hardly the most intelligent one, either. But he has a passion that drives him forward, seeking answers to questions that he has only begun to ask.

Glas gro Urzan

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