"Dolosse" (Dohl-Awe-Sah)

A fearsome looking orc with crimson skin clad in bones, sinew and other accoutrements stands at nearly seven foot tall. Complimenting his barbaric features are scars from head to toe, a twisted staff decorated with grotesque ornaments and a tiki mask.


Seeking the required sundries and components for a consecration ritual, Dolosse has embarked on a long journey. Assigned to join him in this great search by the great council is Glass Gro Urzan whom hails from the same Duskborn tribe.

Dolosse wore many of the unusual hats in the Duskborn tribe. He served as spiritual counselor, witch doctor, fortune teller, eulogist and ritual guide among many others. While most people are intimidated by his appearance, speech and demeanor; those who have been around him long enough know that his council is honest and his visions are often surreal. Eeked out by this factor and his macabre sensibilities, many people, including fellow tribe mates avoided him if possible.

But Dolosse feels indifferent to other people’s opinions about him and so he travels onward in his quest, willing to make new friends if they will have him.

"Dolosse" (Dohl-Awe-Sah)

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