Brother Bindle

Son of Life and Light, Cleric of Desna


Bindle’s hair is never kempt, he doesn’t like to cut it and seldom brushes it. So his hair usually sits on the back of his head like a great blond floppy tangle of dreadlocks. He keeps it stuffed into a purple knit cap that he almost always wears. He wears a green roughspun hooded jacket and brown rough spun pants most of the time. While the clerics of Desna have no official rule about uniform, it is considered poor form for clerics to wear anything on their feet during all but the coldest winters and during conditions where they could lose toes (like combat). Therefore Brother Bindle spends most of his time barefoot. He carries all of his worldly possessions on his back and in his scroll case. Bindle has made spare coin on the side by crafting and selling small healing scrolls to people that he judges can afford his cost. Underneath the road grime and the dirty clothes Brother Bindle is very approachable and extremely attractive. His large brown eyes and deeply tanned skin from years of sleeping outside and passing out in the sun have made him a constant target of female attention. Many husbands and fathers have kicked Bindle out of a hayloft after a tumble with their daughters and wives. Bindle loves people and bringing joy wherever he goes. He’s like a skinny homeless Santa-Clause.


Born Bindle Walker he spent his formative years traveling with his mother. Bindle never knew his father since his mother never married. As a camp follower of various local lords, Elaria Walker never wanted to be tied down with a husband and she never knew who Bindle’s father was as she took lovers whenever the mood struck her. She bedded any lord or knight that would afford her. She also never wanted to be tied down by a child so when Bindle was nine years old she left him in a stable. Bindle knew that it was coming and was not surprised to be alone.
His mother had not prepared him to be self-sufficient and capable of surviving the trials of living on the road and in the wilds. However, as he followed her during those first nine years he would pretend to be a squire or a page to steal food and would occasionally hide in whichever tent the priests of Aroden were teaching the high born children. It was in this way that Bindle learned his letters, his numbers and his histories.

He’s not afraid of living rough and enjoying the great expanses of nature in Golarion. Bindle Walker traveled as just a boy for several years, enjoying the world around him and making friends in the far flung places that his feet would carry him. An affable young man, Bindle found that he could talk his way out of most trouble. If he found himself in dangerous situations he usually had the fortune to hide under a table, unnoticed, until the chaos had passed him by.
Bindle doesn’t know how old he is, since he chooses not to measure time by any kind of official amount. The sun rising and setting is enough measurement for him. However, in his 18th year he found himself in the ruin of a valley where a dam had collapsed and flooded several small towns. Bindle Walker was always a kind boy, so he traveled from small town to small town in this valley (to be named later), helping the injured and looking for survivors.

It was during this time that Bindle met a man named Brother Pham. Brother Pham was a cleric of Desna. Brother Pham was a stout, bald man of 50 who was built as firm and round as a tree trunk. His dark olive skin showed a contrast to the soft purple tunic that he wore. Bindle watched Brother Pham perform healings and give aid to those that had been injured or made sick by the dams collapse. Bindle had seen clerics perform their magic before, but always to their own ends, never for the betterment of strangers, and certainly not low born small folk who could not repay. Taken by the older man’s kindness Bindle followed Pham for a time and helped him administer potions and create scrolls.

Brother Pham offered to apprentice Bindle in the ways of Desna and the two of them walked together for a time. The apprenticeship of Bindle progressed startlingly fast according to Brother Pham. Bindle was already a very competent reader and writer of the common tongue, but took to learning his new languages very quickly. Despite his aloof demeanor, Bindle was a very devoted student. Pham taught the methods of scribing magic scrolls, healing and the glory of Desna each day and night to the eager apprentice Bindle.

Bindle was officially accepted into the church of Desna in his 19th year after only thirteen months of apprenticeship. He traveled with Brother Pham for another few months until the two clerics parted ways and Brother Bindle decided to journey toward the stolen lands for no other reason than it was downhill.

Brother Bindle

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